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A sustained campaign Shoot one by one Discuss terms of purchase Person of giant stature Shared with others Power of discernment Hard and fragile Essential components Act as guide to Establish a home Given to stealing Commonly used antiseptic Something doomed to failure Of recent origin Unquestioning supporter Small dissenting clique Iranian religious leader Feel able Devoid of purpose Behindhand with money Matter under investigation Unnamious Cotton velvetly ribbed fabric A seedless raisin Detach from moorings To cause Random unannounced test An imposed disadvantage Assess one's situation A highly inflammable gas Piece of satire A grave crime City noted for leaning tower OVERWROAUGHT Interfere without right Differ greatly in opinion Utter rhetorically Rapid disastrous collapse Declare invaild Fussily precise Dramatic form of dancing Proceed towards A fine woolen material In imprecise terms Formal and important Unright Attach little importance to Connected with cooking Come after next A choral composition Racing side by side Busy swarming place Loud and shrill Unwelcome dependent Irritate intensely Extinct large reptile Person's strongest point Point of greatest intensity A hard durable wood Make it known Remaining uneaten Feel sorrow over Inclination to hopefulness Fus Upholders of traditional ways Inscrutable countenance Mob-dispensing vapour Monastic community Pompous verbiage Influential medieval weapon Musical based on Shaw play Vehicles on road City famed for jazz Piece of garden machinery US composer/Lyricist Promote interests of Chance to state one's case English, in combining form Tiny particles of sand Tiny particles of sand Bring sailing boat to a stop Power to do as one pleases Final stage of the contest Fidility Deposit for security Wound feelings of Personally unbecoming Gained a victory A stinging insect Widely sought after Become friends Watch over and protect Concede defeat in argument Annual reference book Russian guitar style instrument US middle west state Present a united front Part of outer ear Control the mind of Expend in length