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Yankeedoodle is looking for an answer to Monarch follows family members, doing the twist (7) and wrote:
Daily Mail July 5th

Kinking - Mise

Henceforward - Surinder Sobti

Henceforward - Surinder Sobti

Imperilled - Surinder Sobti


STRICT (_rth_d_x)

Weng is looking for an answer to Strict (_rth_d_x).

Orthodox - Chris Roberson

harsh - Surinder Sobti

harsh - Surinder Sobti

harsh - Surinder Sobti

orthodox - ThatDangBanana

Orthodox - Qwrsrt

Orthodox - Qwrsrt


RISK IT (4,1,6)

J.Stone is looking for an answer to Risk it (4,1,6) and wrote:

Makeachange - Steve Smith

Takeachance - Chris Roberson

Takeachance - Chris Roberson

Takeachance - Chris Roberson

Takeachance - Chris Roberson

Playagamble - Surinder Sobti

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