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Let's see if we can help you solve the crossword puzzle "Tolerate", we have 25 possible answers for this crossword clue, so hopefully we can assist you.

This clue in was most recently seen in the wild in Evening Standard Quick Crossword.

We classify Tolerate to be a VERY COMMON crossword clue as we've seen it more than 25 times in a variety of crossword publications.

Hopefully we have helped you solve Tolerate, if you have a moment we'd love to see you join our growing crossword community and contribute some answers of your own.


  • Evening Standard Quick Crossword - Friday, 12 Nov 2021
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Sunday, 7 Nov 2021
  • The Guardian Quick - Saturday, 16 Oct 2021
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Sunday, 26 Sep 2021
  • The Sun Cryptic - Saturday, 29 May 2021
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Tuesday, 27 Apr 2021
  • The Mirror Classic - Sunday, 25 Apr 2021
  • The Sun Cryptic - Wednesday, 31 Mar 2021
  • Evening Standard Quick Crossword - Thursday, 18 Mar 2021
  • The Mirror Quick - Thursday, 11 Feb 2021
  • USA Today - Saturday, 23 Jan 2021
  • The Sun Cryptic - Sunday, 3 Jan 2021

Crossword Answers

4 letters

Massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws

Engage for service under a term of contract; "We took an apartment on a quiet street"; "Let's rent a car"; "Shall we take a guide in Rome?"

BEAR Surinder Sobti

5 letters

ABIDE Surinder Sobti

STAND Surinder Sobti

BROOK Surinder Sobti

Dwell; "You can stay with me while you are in town"; "stay a bit longer--the day is still young"

A natural stream of water smaller than a river (and often a tributary of a river); "the creek dried up every summer"

A defensive effort; "the army made a final stand at the Rhone"

Give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause; "I will earmark this money for your research"; "She sets aside time for meditation every day"


Propose as a candidate for some honor

6 letters

Something that is compiled (as into a single book or file)

Large game fish; found in waters of the West Indies

Tolerate or accommodate oneself to; "I shall have to accept these unpleasant working conditions"; "I swallowed the insult"; "She has learned to live with her husband's little idiosyncrasies"

Continue to live through hardship or adversity; "We went without water and food for 3 days"; "These superstitions survive in the backwaters of America"; "The race car driver lived through several very serious accidents"; "how long can a person last without food and water?"

Experience (emotional) pain; "Every time her husband gets drunk, she suffers"

7 letters

Documentary validation; "his documentation of the results was excellent"; "the strongest support for this view is the work of Jones"

LENIENT Surinder Sobti

The region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis

Engulf and destroy; "The Nazis swallowed the Baltic countries"

8 letters

Put up with something or somebody unpleasant; "I cannot bear his constant criticism"; "The new secretary had to endure a lot of unprofessional remarks"; "he learned to tolerate the heat"; "She stuck out two years in a miserable marriage"

Denote or connote; "`maison' means `house' in French"; "An example sentence would show what this word means"

9 letters


Stand up or offer resistance to somebody or something


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