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Let's see if we can help you solve the crossword puzzle "Thwart", we have 19 possible answers for this crossword clue, so hopefully we can assist you.

This clue in was most recently seen in the wild in Evening Standard Easy Crossword.

We classify Thwart to be a VERY COMMON crossword clue as we've seen it more than 19 times in a variety of crossword publications.

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  • The Sun Cryptic - Thursday, 20 May 2021
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Monday, 17 May 2021
  • The New York Times Crossword - Wednesday, 12 May 2021
  • The Guardian Quick - Friday, 23 Aug 2019
  • The Daily Mail Smallest Hardest - Friday, 19 Oct 2018
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  • The Guardian Speedy - Sunday, 30 Oct 2016

Crossword Answers

4 letters

A light slender flexible sword tipped by a button

Escape, either physically or mentally; "The thief eluded the police"; "This difficult idea seems to evade her"; "The event evades explanation"

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5 letters

(genetics) the act of mixing different species or varieties of animals or plants and thus to produce hybrids

Beyond or deviating from the usual or expected; "a curious hybrid accent"; "her speech has a funny twang"; "they have some funny ideas about war"; "had an odd name"; "the peculiar aromatic odor of cloves"; "something definitely queer about this town"; "what a rum fellow"; "singular behavior"

Prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening; "Let's avoid a confrontation"; "head off a confrontation"; "avert a strike"

Turn away from by persuasion; "Negative campaigning will only dissuade people"

Treat with excessive indulgence; "grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!"

The act of obstructing or deflecting someone's movements

One of several parallel sloping beams that support a roof

6 letters

Put at a disadvantage; "The brace I have to wear is hindering my movements"

A flat plate that controls or directs the flow of fluid or energy

A thwarting and distressing situation

Of or relating to or characteristic of Scotland or its people or culture or its English dialect or Gaelic language; "Scots Gaelic"; "the Scots community in New York"; "`Scottish' tends to be the more formal term as in `The Scottish Symphony' or `Scottish authors' or `Scottish mountains'"; "`Scotch' is in disfavor with Scottish people and is used primarily outside Scotland except in such frozen phrases as `Scotch broth' or `Scotch whiskey' or `Scotch plaid'"

7 letters

Put in a dangerous, disadvantageous, or difficult position

Stop (someone or something) from doing something or being in a certain state; "We must prevent the cancer from spreading"; "His snoring kept me from falling asleep"; "Keep the child from eating the marbles"

9 letters

Treat cruelly; "The children tormented the stuttering teacher"

Cripple by cutting the hamstring

11 letters

A crosspiece spreading the gunnels of a boat; used as a seat in a rowboat


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