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  • The Guardian Quick - Friday, 1 Oct 2021
  • Evening Standard Quick Crossword - Tuesday, 5 Jan 2021
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Monday, 17 Feb 2020
  • The Guardian Quick - Saturday, 16 Jun 2018

Crossword Answers

3 letters

Restraint put into a person's mouth to prevent speaking or shouting

5 letters

A valve that controls the flow of air into the carburetor of a gasoline engine

6 letters

Joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped; corresponds to the human knee

7 letters

Conceal or hide; "smother a yawn"; "muffle one's anger"; "strangle a yawn"

SMOTHER Surinder Sobti

8 letters

Prevent the progress or free movement of; "He was hampered in his efforts by the bad weather"; "the imperialist nation wanted to strangle the free trade between the two small countries"

10 letters

Deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing; "Othello smothered Desdemona with a pillow"; "The child suffocated herself with a plastic bag that the parents had left on the floor"


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