Place of safety
Crossword Clue and Answers

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We most recently saw this clue in The Guardian Quick.

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Crossword Answers

5 letters

A sheltered port where ships can take on or discharge cargo

HAVEN Surinder Sobti

6 letters

A safe place; "He ran to safety"

ASYLUM Surinder Sobti
A shelter from danger or hardship

7 letters

SHELTER Surinder Sobti
A structure that provides privacy and protection from danger

RETREAT Surinder Sobti
(military) withdrawal of troops to a more favorable position to escape the enemy's superior forces or after a defeat; "the disorderly retreat of French troops"

8 letters

CLOISTER Surinder Sobti
Residence that is a place of religious seclusion (such as a monastery)

SECURITY Surinder Sobti
The state of being free from danger or injury; "we support the armed services in the name of national security"

9 letters

SAFEHAVEN Surinder Sobti

SANCTUARY Surinder Sobti
A shelter from danger or hardship

HERMITAGE Surinder Sobti
The abode of a hermit

SAFEHOUSE Surinder Sobti
A house used as a hiding place or refuge by members of certain organizations

10 letters

SAFEHARBOR Surinder Sobti
The target company defends itself by acquiring a company so onerously regulated that it makes the target less attractive; "the acquisition gave the company a safe harbor"

PROTECTION Surinder Sobti
The imposition of duties or quotas on imports in order to protect domestic industry against foreign competition; "he made trade protection a plank in the party platform"

11 letters

HIDINGPLACE Surinder Sobti
A place suitable for hiding something (such as yourself)

SECRETPLACE Surinder Sobti

12 letters



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