Look at
Crossword Clue and Answers

Today we have 17 crossword solutions for Look at which appeared recently in Evening Standard Easy Crossword.

We have deemed Look at as a VERY COMMON crossword clue, we've seen it more than 17 times in a variety of crossword publications.

The most recent answer we found for this clue is "EYE".


  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Friday, 3 Dec 2021
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Friday, 23 Jul 2021
  • The Guardian Quick - Tuesday, 8 Jun 2021
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Friday, 21 May 2021
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Monday, 8 Mar 2021
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Thursday, 24 Dec 2020
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020
  • The Mirror Quick - Tuesday, 10 Nov 2020
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Thursday, 18 Jun 2020
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Tuesday, 31 Mar 2020
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Saturday, 29 Feb 2020
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Wednesday, 27 Mar 2019

Crossword Answers

3 letters

A small hole or loop (as in a needle); "the thread wouldn't go through the eye"

Date regularly; have a steady relationship with; "Did you know that she is seeing an older man?"; "He is dating his former wife again!"

EYE Surinder Sobti

4 letters

A long fixed look; "he fixed his paternal gaze on me"

The act of apportioning or distributing something; "the captain was entrusted with the deal of provisions"

Engage for service under a term of contract; "We took an apartment on a quiet street"; "Let's rent a car"; "Shall we take a guide in Rome?"



The act of looking or seeing or observing; "he tried to get a better view of it"; "his survey of the battlefield was limited"

The act of scanning; systematic examination of a prescribed region; "he made a thorough scan of the beach with his binoculars"

6 letters

A long fixed look; "he fixed his paternal gaze on me"

See with attention; "behold Christ!"

7 letters

Look at

Watch attentively; "Please observe the reaction of these two chemicals"

Break down into components or essential features; "analyze today's financial market"

Observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect; "The customs agent examined the baggage"; "I must see your passport before you can enter the country"

8 letters

Think about carefully; weigh; "They considered the possibility of a strike"; "Turn the proposal over in your mind"


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