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Looking for answers to the "Indistinct" crossword clue? it's your lucky day, we have them! Today we have 12 crossword solutions for Indistinct.

We most recently saw this clue in The Sun Cryptic.

We deem Indistinct to be a VERY COMMON crossword clue as we've seen it more than 12 times in a variety of crossword publications.

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  • The Sun Cryptic - Friday, 26 Feb 2021
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Saturday, 9 Jan 2021
  • The Sun Cryptic - Thursday, 7 Jan 2021
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Saturday, 31 Oct 2020
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Monday, 21 Sep 2020
  • The New York Times Crossword - Wednesday, 16 Sep 2020
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Tuesday, 24 Mar 2020
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019

Crossword Answers

3 letters

Switch (a car's headlights) from a higher to a lower beam

4 letters

Filled or abounding with fog or mist; "a brumous October morning"

5 letters

Wet with mist; "the misty evening"

Lacking strength or vigor; "damning with faint praise"; "faint resistance"; "feeble efforts"; "a feeble voice"

Not clearly understood or expressed; "an obscure turn of phrase"; "an impulse to go off and fight certain obscure battles of his own spirit"-Anatole Broyard; "their descriptions of human behavior become vague, dull, and unclear"- P.A.Sorokin; "vague...forms of speech...have so long passed for mysteries of science"- John Locke

Make dim or indistinct; "The fog blurs my vision"

MISTY Surinder Sobti

6 letters

Indistinct or hazy in outline; "a landscape of blurred outlines"; "the trees were just blurry shapes"

7 letters

Unclear in form or expression; "the blurred aims of the group"; "sometimes one understood clearly and sometimes the meaning was clouded"- H.G.Wells

Not easily deciphered; "indecipherable handwriting"

Filled with shade; "the shady side of the street"; "the surface of the pond is dark and shadowed"; "we sat on rocks in a shadowy cove"; "cool umbrageous woodlands"

Reduce a vowel to a neutral one, such as a schwa


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