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This clue in was most recently seen in the wild in The Daily Mail Quick.

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  • The Daily Mail Quick - Tuesday, 12 Oct 2021
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Friday, 1 Oct 2021
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Thursday, 30 Sep 2021
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Friday, 3 Sep 2021
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Tuesday, 24 Aug 2021
  • Evening Standard Quick Crossword - Friday, 23 Jul 2021
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Tuesday, 20 Jul 2021
  • Evening Standard Quick Crossword - Monday, 12 Jul 2021
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021
  • The Mirror Classic - Tuesday, 25 May 2021
  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Friday, 7 May 2021
  • The Mirror Classic - Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Crossword Answers

3 letters

A light midafternoon meal of tea and sandwiches or cakes; "an Englishman would interrupt a war to have his afternoon tea"

4 letters

A narrative telling the adventures of a hero or a family; originally (12th to 14th centuries) a story of the families that settled Iceland and their descendants but now any prose narrative that resembles such an account

Usually used in combination: `liverwort'; `milkwort'; `whorlywort'

Aromatic threadlike foliage of the dill plant used as seasoning

Succulent plants having rosettes of leaves usually with fiber like hemp and spikes of showy flowers; found chiefly in Africa

Aromatic fresh or dried grey-green leaves used widely as seasoning for meats and fowl and game etc

(often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent; "a batch of letters"; "a deal of trouble"; "a lot of money"; "he made a mint on the stock market"; "see the rest of the winners in our huge passel of photos"; "it must have cost plenty"; "a slew of journalists"; "a wad of money"

5 letters


Aromatic seeds of the cumin herb of the carrot family

Perennial having hollow cylindrical leaves used for seasoning

Native to Egypt but cultivated widely for its aromatic seeds and the oil from them used medicinally and as a flavoring in cookery

Any of various mints of the genus Thymus

Leaves of the common basil; used fresh or dried

(botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion

6 letters

Ubiquitous strong-scented mat-forming Eurasian herb of wasteland, hedgerow or pasture having narrow serrate leaves and small usually white florets; widely naturalized in North America

A yard or lawn adjoining a house

An herb whose leaves are used to flavor sauces and punches; young leaves can be eaten in salads or cooked

Stalks eaten like celery or candied like angelica; seeds used for flavoring or pickled like capers

ORIGAN Mike Smallman

Bitter leaves used sparingly in salads; dried flowers used in soups and tisanes

Fennel seeds are ground and used as a spice or as an ingredient of a spice mixture

7 letters

Fresh ferny parsley-like leaves used as a garnish with chicken and veal and omelets and green salads and spinach

Aromatic herb with flat or crinkly leaves that are cut finely and used to garnish food

Pungent leaves used as seasoning with meats and fowl and in stews and soups and omelets

Dried leaf of the bay laurel

Hairy aromatic perennial herb having whorls of small white purple-spotted flowers in a terminal spike; used in the past as a domestic remedy; strongly attractive to cats

8 letters

Aromatic stems or leaves or roots of Angelica Archangelica

Extremely pungent leaves used fresh or dried as seasoning for especially meats

Pungent leaves used as seasoning with meats and fowl and in stews and soups and omelets

Fresh leaves (or leaves preserved in vinegar) used as seasoning

9 letters

SPEARMINT Mike Smallman

10 letters

PEPPERMINT Mike Smallman

15 letters

A plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests


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