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Let's see if we can help you solve the crossword puzzle "Fugacious", we have 5 possible answers for this crossword clue, so hopefully we can assist you.

We classify Fugacious to be a RARE crossword clue as we have not seen it in many (if any) crossword publications.

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Crossword Answers

7 letters

Allowing you to pass (e.g., an examination or inspection) satisfactorily; "a passing grade"

9 letters

(physics) a short-lived oscillation in a system caused by a sudden change of voltage or current or load

Anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form

10 letters

Lasting a very short time; "the ephemeral joys of childhood"; "a passing fancy"; "youth's transient beauty"; "love is transitory but it is eternal"; "fugacious blossoms"