Crossword Clue and Answers

Today we have 6 crossword solutions for Excellence which appeared recently in Evening Standard Easy Crossword.

We have deemed Excellence as a UNCOMMON crossword clue as we have not seen it regularly in many crossword publications.

The most recent answer we found for this clue is "GOODNESS".


  • Evening Standard Easy Crossword - Friday, 10 Sep 2021

Crossword Answers

5 letters

The quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance); "there were many children whose deservingness he recognized and rewarded"

MERIT Surinder Sobti

7 letters

(music) the distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound); "the timbre of her soprano was rich and lovely"; "the muffled tones of the broken bell summoned them to meet"

8 letters

Moral excellence or admirableness; "there is much good to be found in people"

10 letters

An outstanding feature; something in which something or someone excels; "a center of manufacturing excellence"; "the use of herbs is one of the excellencies of French cuisine"

11 letters

The quality of being superior


Contributor Photo - Surinder SobtiSurinder Sobti