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Looking for answers to the "Enlistment" crossword clue? it's your lucky day, we have them! Today we have 7 crossword solutions for Enlistment.

We deem Enlistment to be a RARE crossword clue as we have not seen it in many (if any) crossword publications.

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Crossword Answers

4 letters

A journey or route all the way around a particular place or area; "they took an extended tour of Europe"; "we took a quick circuit of the park"; "a ten-day coach circuit of the island"

5 letters

The uneven manner of walking that results from an injured leg

7 letters

The act of bringing two things into contact (especially for communication); "the joining of hands around the table"; "there was a connection via the internet"

8 letters

A period of time spent in military service

10 letters

A period of time spent in military service

11 letters

The act of getting recruits; enlisting people for the army (or for a job or a cause etc.)

16 letters

A period of time spent in military service