Crossword Clue and Answers

Today we have 6 crossword solutions for Efficacy.

We have deemed Efficacy as a RARE crossword clue as we have not seen it in many (if any) crossword publications.

The most recent answer we found for this clue is "EFFECT".

Crossword Answers

5 letters

A means of serving; "of no avail"; "there's no help for it"

6 letters

An impression (especially one that is artificial or contrived); "he just did it for effect"

7 letters

The power or right to give orders or make decisions; "he has the authority to issue warrants"; "deputies are given authorization to make arrests"; "a place of potency in the state"

13 letters

Capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects; "the toxin's potency"; "the strength of the drinks"

14 letters

The quality of being productive or having the power to produce

15 letters

Capacity or power to produce a desired effect; "concern about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine"