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Today we have 68 crossword solutions for Duration which appeared recently in The Mirror Classic.

We have deemed Duration as a UNCOMMON crossword clue as we have not seen it regularly in many crossword publications.

The most recent answer we found for this clue is "SPAN".


  • The Mirror Classic - Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020
  • The Guardian Quick - Thursday, 7 May 2020

Crossword Answers

3 letters

AGE Surinder Sobti
How long something has existed; "it was replaced because of its age"

ERA Surinder Sobti
(baseball) a measure of a pitcher's effectiveness; calculated as the average number of earned runs allowed by the pitcher for every nine innings pitched

RUN Surinder Sobti
Perform as expected when applied; "The washing machine won't go unless it's plugged in"; "Does this old car still run well?"; "This old radio doesn't work anymore"

4 letters

DATE Surinder Sobti
Sweet edible fruit of the date palm with a single long woody seed

TIDE Surinder Sobti
Something that may increase or decrease (like the tides of the sea); "a rising tide of popular interest"

LIFE Surinder Sobti
A living person; "his heroism saved a life"

DAYS Surinder Sobti
The time during which someone's life continues; "the monarch's last days"; "in his final years"

A structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.

The end of gestation or point at which birth is imminent; "a healthy baby born at full term"

The continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past

5 letters

BEING Surinder Sobti
A living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently

RANGE Surinder Sobti
A place for shooting (firing or driving) projectiles of various kinds; "the army maintains a missile range in the desert"; "any good golf club will have a range where you can practice"

SPACE Surinder Sobti
One of the areas between or below or above the lines of a musical staff; "the spaces are the notes F-A-C-E"

LAPSE Surinder Sobti
A mistake resulting from inattention

POINT Surinder Sobti
A contact in the distributor; as the rotor turns its projecting arm contacts them and current flows to the spark plugs

ORBIT Surinder Sobti
The bony cavity in the skull containing the eyeball

SPELL Surinder Sobti
A verbal formula believed to have magical force; "he whispered a spell as he moved his hands"; "inscribed around its base is a charm in Balinese"

CYCLE Surinder Sobti
A wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

SWEEP Surinder Sobti
A movement in an arc; "a sweep of his arm"

EPOCH Surinder Sobti
A period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event

6 letters

A section of something that is long and narrow; "a length of timber"; "a length of tubing"

SEASON Surinder Sobti
A period of the year marked by special events or activities in some field; "he celebrated his 10th season with the ballet company"; "she always looked forward to the avocado season"

EXTENT Surinder Sobti
The distance or area or volume over which something extends; "the vast extent of the desert"; "an orchard of considerable extent"

DECADE Surinder Sobti
A period of 10 years

PERIOD Surinder Sobti
A punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations; "in England they call a period a stop"

COURSE Surinder Sobti
A mode of action; "if you persist in that course you will surely fail"; "once a nation is embarked on a course of action it becomes extremely difficult for any retraction to take place"

RECORD Surinder Sobti
The sum of recognized accomplishments; "the lawyer has a good record"; "the track record shows that he will be a good president"

CAREER Surinder Sobti
The particular occupation for which you are trained

7 letters

Increase in quantity or bulk by adding a cheaper substance; "stretch the soup by adding some more cream"; "extend the casserole with a little rice"

HISTORY Surinder Sobti
A record or narrative description of past events; "a history of France"; "he gave an inaccurate account of the plot to kill the president"; "the story of exposure to lead"

CENTURY Surinder Sobti
Ten 10s

PASSING Surinder Sobti
Allowing you to pass (e.g., an examination or inspection) satisfactorily; "a passing grade"

MEASURE Surinder Sobti
How much there is or how many there are of something that you can quantify

PASSAGE Surinder Sobti
The act of passing from one state or place to the next

PORTION Surinder Sobti
The allotment of some amount by dividing something; "death gets more than its share of attention from theologians"

8 letters

VITALITY Surinder Sobti
The property of being able to survive and grow; "the vitality of a seed"

SEQUENCE Surinder Sobti
Determine the order of constituents in; "They sequenced the human genome"

ADDITION Surinder Sobti
The act of adding one thing to another; "the addition of flowers created a pleasing effect"; "the addition of a leap day every four years"

ELAPSING Surinder Sobti

SURVIVAL Surinder Sobti
Something that survives

LONGHAUL Surinder Sobti
A journey over a long distance; "it's a long haul from New York to Los Angeles"

DISTANCE Surinder Sobti
The property created by the space between two objects or points

LIFESPAN Surinder Sobti
The period during which something is functional (as between birth and death); "the battery had a short life"; "he lived a long and happy life"

LIFETIME Surinder Sobti
The period during which something is functional (as between birth and death); "the battery had a short life"; "he lived a long and happy life"

STANDING Surinder Sobti
The act of assuming or maintaining an erect upright position

PROGRESS Surinder Sobti
Gradual improvement or growth or development; "advancement of knowledge"; "great progress in the arts"

9 letters

CONSTANCY Surinder Sobti
Faithfulness and dependability in personal attachments (especially sexual fidelity)

LONGEVITY Surinder Sobti
The property of being long-lived

ENDURANCE Surinder Sobti
The power to withstand hardship or stress; "the marathon tests a runner's endurance"

EXTENSION Surinder Sobti
Act of expanding in scope; making more widely available; "extension of the program to all in need"

EXISTENCE Surinder Sobti
The state or fact of existing; "a point of view gradually coming into being"; "laws in existence for centuries"

TIMEFRAME Surinder Sobti
A time period during which something occurs or is expected to occur; "an agreement can be reached in a reasonably short time frame"

10 letters

CONTINUITY Surinder Sobti
The property of a continuous and connected period of time

TIMEEXTENT Surinder Sobti

EXPECTANCY Surinder Sobti
Something expected (as on the basis of a norm); "each of them had their own anticipations"; "an indicator of expectancy in development"

PILGRIMAGE Surinder Sobti
A journey to a sacred place

PERMANENCE Surinder Sobti
The property of being able to exist for an indefinite duration

TIMEPERIOD Surinder Sobti
An amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period"

GENERATION Surinder Sobti
The production of heat or electricity; "dams were built for the generation of electricity"

11 letters

PROTRACTION Surinder Sobti
The act of prolonging something; "there was an indefinite prolongation of the peace talks"

The act of continuing an activity without interruption

PERSISTENCE Surinder Sobti
The act of persisting or persevering; continuing or repeating behavior; "his perseveration continued to the point where it was no longer appropriate"

PROGRESSION Surinder Sobti
The act of moving forward (as toward a goal)

12 letters

The act of continuing an activity without interruption

Formal ceremony about important occasions; "pomp and circumstance"

The act of prolonging something; "there was an indefinite prolongation of the peace talks"

The act of prolonging something; "there was an indefinite prolongation of the peace talks"

A definite length of time marked off by two instants


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