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Today we have 11 crossword solutions for Deadlock which appeared recently in The Sun Cryptic.

We have deemed Deadlock as a VERY COMMON crossword clue, we've seen it more than 11 times in a variety of crossword publications.

The most recent answer we found for this clue is "IMPASSE".


  • The Sun Cryptic - Thursday, 15 Apr 2021
  • The Guardian Quick - Friday, 22 Jan 2021
  • The Sun Cryptic - Friday, 1 Jan 2021
  • The Mirror Quick - Thursday, 24 Dec 2020
  • USA Today - Thursday, 17 Dec 2020
  • USA Today - Wednesday, 2 Dec 2020
  • The Mirror Quick - Thursday, 22 Oct 2020
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Monday, 31 Aug 2020
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Monday, 16 Sep 2019
  • The New York Times Crossword - Thursday, 26 Jan 2017
  • The New York Times Crossword - Saturday, 19 Nov 2016

Crossword Answers

3 letters

Neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front; "he stood in front of the mirror tightening his necktie"; "he wore a vest and tie"

4 letters

A golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer; "he took lessons to cure his hooking"

5 letters


6 letters

An immovable mass of logs blocking a river

7 letters

A street with only one way in or out

A passage with access only at one end

IMPASSE Surinder Sobti

8 letters

The act of repulsing or repelling an attack; a successful defensive stand

9 letters


Drawing position in chess: any of a player's possible moves would place his king in check

10 letters

Remain in place; hold still; remain fixed or immobile; "Traffic stood still when the funeral procession passed by"


Contributor Photo - Surinder SobtiSurinder Sobti