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Looking for answers to the "Compare" crossword clue? it's your lucky day, we have them! Today we have 9 crossword solutions for Compare.

We most recently saw this clue in Irish Independent - Simple.

We deem Compare to be a VERY COMMON crossword clue as we've seen it more than 9 times in a variety of crossword publications.

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  • Irish Independent - Simple - Thursday, 4 Nov 2021
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021
  • The Guardian Quick - Wednesday, 12 May 2021
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Tuesday, 23 Mar 2021
  • The Mirror Classic - Wednesday, 16 Dec 2020
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Wednesday, 9 Sep 2020
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Monday, 17 Aug 2020
  • Irish Independent - Simple - Friday, 20 Mar 2020
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019
  • The Guardian Quick - Friday, 26 Oct 2018
  • The New York Times Crossword - Wednesday, 29 Nov 2017
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Crossword Answers

5 letters

Consider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous; "We can compare the Han dynasty to the Romans"; "You cannot equate success in financial matters with greed"

LIKEN Surinder Sobti

6 letters

Make equal, uniform, corresponding, or matching; "let's equalize the duties among all employees in this office"; "The company matched the discount policy of its competitors"

7 letters

Arrange into piles or stacks; "She piled up her books in my living room"

Compare critically; of texts

8 letters

The act of distinguishing by comparing differences

10 letters

The act of examining resemblances; "they made a comparison of noise levels"; "the fractions selected for comparison must require pupils to consider both numerator and denominator"

11 letters

Qualities that are comparable; "no comparison between the two books"; "beyond compare"

13 letters

Qualities that are comparable; "no comparison between the two books"; "beyond compare"


Contributor Photo - Surinder SobtiSurinder Sobti