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Let's see if we can help you solve the crossword puzzle "Amalgamation", we have 5 possible answers for this crossword clue, so hopefully we can assist you.

This clue in was most recently seen in the wild in The Guardian Quick.

We classify Amalgamation to be a COMMON crossword clue as we've seen it included in several crossword publications.

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  • The Guardian Quick - Friday, 20 Dec 2019
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Saturday, 3 Aug 2019
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Friday, 12 Apr 2019
  • The Daily Mail Quick - Sunday, 26 Aug 2018

Crossword Answers

5 letters

The act of blending components together thoroughly

6 letters

The combination of two or more commercial companies

7 letters

The act of making or becoming a single unit; "the union of opposing factions"; "he looked forward to the unification of his family for the holidays"

8 letters

DOGPOUND Mike Smallman
A public enclosure for stray or unlicensed dogs; "unlicensed dogs will be taken to the pound"

9 letters

Reasoning from the general to the particular (or from cause to effect)


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