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Jewellery item
Crossword Clue & Answers

This clue has been rated as VERY COMMON
We've rated Jewellery item as VERY COMMON as it is a very popular clue with cruciverbalists.

25 November 2021
Last seen in: The Daily Mail Quick

We found 18 answers for the crossword clue 'Jewellery item', the most recent of which was seen in the The Daily Mail Quick.

This clue looks to be a standard clue as in it's a NON-CRYPTIC crossword based on the publications in which we have recently seen it.

We have given Jewellery item a popularity rating of 'Very Common' because it has featured in a numerous crossword publications and has multiple answers.

Jewellery item is a 2 word phrase featuring 14 letters.

We most recently saw this clue in 'The Daily Mail Quick' on Sunday, 14 November 2021 with the answer being NECKLACE, but the most popular answer for this clue is EARRING.

We've seen this clue in the following publications:

Crossword Answers

4 Letters

The sound of a bell ringing; "the distinctive ring of the church bell"; "the ringing of the telephone"; "the tintinnabulation that so voluminously swells from the ringing and the dinging of the bells"--E. A. Poe

Adult male horse kept for breeding

5 Letters

Engraving or carving in low relief on a stone (as in a brooch or ring)

WATCH Michael Mina
A purposeful surveillance to guard or observe

6 Letters

A sock that reaches just above the ankle

Cheap showy jewelry or ornament on clothing

A small ornamental case; usually contains a picture or a lock of hair and is worn on a necklace

7 Letters

Jewelry to ornament the ear; usually clipped to the earlobe or fastened through a hole in the lobe

Branched lighting fixture; often ornate; hangs from the ceiling

8 Letters

A band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist

Jewelry consisting of a cord or chain (often bearing gems) worn about the neck as an ornament (especially by women)

9 Letters

An award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event

10 Letters

A ring bearing a signet

11 Letters

A ring (usually plain gold) given to the bride (and sometimes one is also given to the groom) at the wedding

A ring (usually plain gold) given to the bride (and sometimes one is also given to the groom) at the wedding

12 Letters


13 Letters


14 Letters

A ring given and worn as a sign of betrothal

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