Privacy Policy

We value your custom and do not share any of your details with 3rd parties.

Cookies uses cookies to track your recently viewed pages and details such as your name, country and email (if you have supplied these to us), we do this for the sole purpose of improving your crossword solving experience and do not share this information with any 3rd party.

Contributors and Seeking Answers

We store a small set of information about those who have contributed answers or clues to our database, this is so we can give recognition to their efforts and also enables us to calculate top contributors.

If supplied, we may email possible answers to clues that have been posted by those seeking answers.

Google Analytics

Like most sites thes days, we use google analytics to monitor our website traffic. This information is completely anonymous and does not identify you personally but gives us an indication of who uses our website (country,city) and how they use it (which page, at what time etc) - this helps us improve our website.

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