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This clue has been rated as VERY COMMON
We've rated Unfit as VERY COMMON as it is a very popular clue with cruciverbalists.

21 November 2020

We found 13 answers for the crossword clue 'Unfit'.

Based on the recent crossword puzzles featuring 'Unfit' we have classified it as a cryptic crossword clue.

We have given Unfit a popularity rating of 'Very Common' because it has featured in a numerous crossword publications and has multiple answers.

As well as being a clue we've also seen Unfit as an answer itself some 98 times.

Unfit is a single word clue made up of 5 letters.

Definitions and usage

Before we get to our crossword answers for 'Unfit', take a look at the definitions and example uses below, sometimes these help you think of different words or phrases that are common to 'Unfit' and give you a hint.

  • Not in good physical or mental condition; out of condition; "fat and very unfit"; "certified as unfit for army service"; "drunk and unfit for service"
  • Physically unsound or diseased; "has a bad back"; "a bad heart"; "bad teeth"; "an unsound limb"; "unsound teeth"
  • Make unfit or unsuitable; "Your income disqualifies you"
  • Below the required standards for a purpose; "an unfit parent"; "unfit for human consumption"

Crossword Answers

3 Letters

That which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency; "take the bad with the good"

5 Letters

Not elegant or graceful in expression; "an awkward prose style"; "a clumsy apology"; "his cumbersome writing style"; "if the rumor is true, can anything be more inept than to repeat it now?"

Revealing lack of perceptiveness or judgment or finesse; "an inept remark"; "it was tactless to bring up those disagreeable"

7 Letters

Of e.g. advice

8 Letters

Not appropriate for a purpose or occasion; "said all the wrong things"

9 Letters

(followed by `of') lacking capacity or ability; "incapable of carrying a tune"; "he is incapable of understanding the matter"; "incapable of doing the work"

Make unwilling

Not conducive to good health; "an unhealthy diet of fast foods"; "an unhealthy climate"

10 Letters

Make unfit or unsuitable; "Your income disqualifies you"


Not meant or adapted for a particular purpose; "a solvent unsuitable for use on wood surfaces"

11 Letters

Lacking strength or vigor

13 Letters

Not suitable for a particular occasion etc; "noise seems inappropriate at a time of sadness"; "inappropriate shoes for a walk on the beach"; "put inappropriate pressure on them"

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