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This clue has been rated as VERY COMMON
We've rated Power as VERY COMMON as it is a very popular clue with cruciverbalists.

24 January 2021
Last seen in: Evening Standard Quick Crossword

We found 16 answers for the crossword clue 'Power', the most recent of which was seen in the Evening Standard Quick Crossword.

We've seen this clue in both CRYPTIC and NON-CRYPTIC crossword publications.

We have given Power a popularity rating of 'Very Common' because it has featured in a numerous crossword publications and has multiple answers.

As well as being a clue we've also seen Power as an answer itself some 184 times.

Power is a single word clue made up of 5 letters.

We most recently saw this clue in 'Evening Standard Quick Crossword' on Tuesday, 26 January 2021 with the answer being MIGHT, we also found MIGHT to be the most popular answer for this clue.

We've seen this clue in the following publications:

Definitions and usage

Before we get to our crossword answers for 'Power', take a look at the definitions and example uses below, sometimes these help you think of different words or phrases that are common to 'Power' and give you a hint.

  • Physical strength
  • Possession of controlling influence; "the deterrent power of nuclear weapons"; "the power of his love saved her"; "his powerfulness was concealed by a gentle facade"
  • A mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itself
  • A very wealthy or powerful businessman; "an oil baron"
  • A state powerful enough to influence events throughout the world
  • (of a government or government official) holding an office means being in power; "being in office already gives a candidate a great advantage"; "during his first year in office"; "during his first year in power"; "the power of the president"
  • (physics) the rate of doing work; measured in watts (= joules/second)
  • Possession of the qualities (especially mental qualities) required to do something or get something done; "danger heightened his powers of discrimination"
  • One possessing or exercising power or influence or authority; "the mysterious presence of an evil power"; "may the force be with you"; "the forces of evil"
  • Supply the force or power for the functioning of; "The gasoline powers the engines"

Crossword Answers

3 Letters

Sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)

Rate of revolution of a motor; "the engine was doing 6000 revs"

4 Letters

Interchangeable with `means' in the expression `by means of'

FUEL Howard
Stimulate; "fuel the debate on creationism"

The act of catching an object with the hands; "Mays made the catch with his back to the plate"; "he made a grab for the ball before it landed"; "Martin's snatch at the bridle failed and the horse raced away"; "the infielder's snap and throw was a single motion"

Move back and forth or sideways; "the ship was rocking"; "the tall building swayed"; "She rocked back and forth on her feet"

An unintentional but embarrassing blunder; "he recited the whole poem without a single trip"; "he arranged his robes to avoid a trip-up later"; "confusion caused his unfortunate misstep"

5 Letters

(boxing) a blow with the fist; "I gave him a clout on his nose"

An act of aggression (as one against a person who resists); "he may accomplish by craft in the long run what he cannot do by force and violence in the short one"

Physical strength

Emit steam; "The rain forest was literally steaming"

6 Letters

One of the contractile organs of the body

7 Letters

The product of voltage and current

8 Letters

Capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects; "the toxin's potency"; "the strength of the drinks"

9 Letters

Causing something without any direct or apparent effort

11 Letters

A physical phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electrons and protons

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