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26 August 2020 The Mirror Classic

We have 10 answers for the crossword clue Ostracise. We last saw the 'Ostracise' clue in The Mirror Classic on Thursday, 17 September 2020.

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Definitions and usage

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  • Avoid speaking to or dealing with; "Ever since I spoke up, my colleagues ostracize me"
  • Expel from a community or group

Crossword Answers

3 Letters


A decree that prohibits something

4 Letters


Avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of

5 Letters


The act of expelling a person from their native land; "men in exile dream of hope"; "his deportation to a penal colony"; "the expatriation of wealthy farmers"; "the sentence was one of transportation for life"

6 Letters


Expel, as if by official decree; "he was banished from his own country"

7 Letters


A group's refusal to have commercial dealings with some organization in protest against its policies


Throw or cast away; "Put away your worries"


Prevent from entering; keep out; "He was barred from membership in the club"

9 Letters


The act of excluding someone by a negative vote or veto


A list of people who are out of favor


Avoid speaking to or dealing with; "Ever since I spoke up, my colleagues ostracize me"

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