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This clue has been rated as VERY COMMON
We've rated Hole as VERY COMMON as it is a very popular clue with cruciverbalists.

8 September 2021
Last seen in: The Guardian Quick

We found 29 answers for the crossword clue 'Hole', the most recent of which was seen in the The Guardian Quick.

We've seen this clue in both CRYPTIC and NON-CRYPTIC crossword publications.

We have given Hole a popularity rating of 'Very Common' because it has featured in a numerous crossword publications and has multiple answers.

As well as being a clue we've also seen Hole as an answer itself some 239 times.

Hole is a single word clue made up of 4 letters.

We most recently saw this clue in 'The Guardian Quick' on Friday, 20 November 2020 with the answer being SLOT, but the most popular answer for this clue is CAVITY.

We've seen this clue in the following publications:

Definitions and usage

Before we get to our crossword answers for 'Hole', take a look at the definitions and example uses below, sometimes these help you think of different words or phrases that are common to 'Hole' and give you a hint.

  • An opening deliberately made in or through something
  • Informal terms for the mouth
  • An opening into or through something
  • A depression hollowed out of solid matter
  • Informal terms for a difficult situation; "he got into a terrible fix"; "he made a muddle of his marriage"
  • One playing period (from tee to green) on a golf course; "he played 18 holes"
  • Make holes in
  • Hit the ball into the hole
  • An unoccupied space
  • A fault; "he shot holes in my argument"

Crossword Answers

3 Letters

A determination of the place where something is; "he got a good fix on the target"

An act of delaying or interrupting the continuity; "it was presented without commercial breaks"; "there was a gap in his account"

A man who serves as a sailor

Deliberate radiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy for the purpose of disrupting enemy use of electronic devices or systems

Informal terms for the mouth

A workplace consisting of a coal mine plus all the buildings and equipment connected with it

Informal terms for the mouth

4 Letters

A (large) military dining room where service personnel eat or relax

A small slit (as for inserting a coin or depositing mail); "he put a quarter in the slot"

The act of concealing yourself and lying in wait to attack by surprise

5 Letters


A colorless gas (O3) soluble in alkalis and cold water; a strong oxidizing agent; can be produced by electric discharge in oxygen or by the action of ultraviolet radiation on oxygen in the stratosphere (where it acts as a screen for ultraviolet radiation)

6 Letters

A hole made by an animal, usually for shelter

(anatomy) a natural hollow or sinus within the body

A cavity or space in something; "hunger had caused the hollows in their cheeks"

Mix up or confuse; "He muddled the issues"

Vegetables (especially cucumbers) preserved in brine or vinegar

A passageway through or under something, usually underground (especially one for trains or cars); "the tunnel reduced congestion at that intersection"

7 Letters

Hit the ball into the hole

A ceremony accompanying the start of some enterprise

An aperture or hole that opens into a bodily cavity; "the orifice into the aorta from the lower left chamber of the heart"

8 Letters

An man-made opening; usually small

Informal terms for the mouth

One playing period (from tee to green) on a golf course; "he played 18 holes"

A small hole made by a sharp object

10 Letters

The act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth

11 Letters

The act of punching a hole (especially a row of holes as for ease of separation)

A situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one; "finds himself in a most awkward predicament"; "the woeful plight of homeless people"

12 Letters

Informal terms for a difficult situation; "he got into a terrible fix"; "he made a muddle of his marriage"

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