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12 September 2020 Evening Standard Quick Crossword

We have 3 answers for the crossword clue Flap. We last saw the 'Flap' clue in Evening Standard Quick Crossword on Friday, 18 September 2020.

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Definitions and usage

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  • Any broad thin and limber covering attached at one edge; hangs loose or projects freely; "he wrote on the flap of the envelope"
  • A movable airfoil that is part of an aircraft wing; used to increase lift or drag
  • A movable piece of tissue partly connected to the body
  • The motion made by flapping up and down
  • An excited state of agitation; "he was in a dither"; "there was a terrible flap about the theft"
  • Pronounce with a flap, of alveolar sounds
  • Make a fuss; be agitated
  • Move noisily; "flags flapped in the strong wind"
  • Move with a thrashing motion; "The bird flapped its wings"; "The eagle beat its wings and soared high into the sky"
  • Move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion; "The curtains undulated"; "the waves rolled towards the beach"
  • Move with a flapping motion; "The bird's wings were flapping"

Crossword Answers

3 Letters


A rapid active commotion


A short strip of material attached to or projecting from something in order to facilitate opening or identifying or handling it; "pull the tab to open the can"; "files with a red tab will be stored separately"; "the collar has a tab with a button hole"; "the filing cards were organized by cards having indexed tabs"

7 Letters


The act of moving back and forth

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