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This clue has been rated as VERY COMMON
We've rated Ban as VERY COMMON as it is a very popular clue with cruciverbalists.

8 September 2021
Last seen in: Evening Standard Easy Crossword

We found 12 answers for the crossword clue 'Ban', the most recent of which was seen in the Evening Standard Easy Crossword.

We've seen this clue in both CRYPTIC and NON-CRYPTIC crossword publications.

We have given Ban a popularity rating of 'Very Common' because it has featured in a numerous crossword publications and has multiple answers.

As well as being a clue we've also seen Ban as an answer itself some 182 times.

Ban is a single word clue made up of 3 letters.

We most recently saw this clue in 'Evening Standard Easy Crossword' on Friday, 10 September 2021 with the answer being OUTLAW, but the most popular answer for this clue is EMBARGO.

We've seen this clue in the following publications:

Definitions and usage

Before we get to our crossword answers for 'Ban', take a look at the definitions and example uses below, sometimes these help you think of different words or phrases that are common to 'Ban' and give you a hint.

  • A decree that prohibits something
  • A bachelor's degree in nursing
  • An official prohibition or edict against something
  • Forbid the public distribution of ( a movie or a newspaper)
  • Ban from a place of residence, as for punishment
  • 100 bani equal 1 leu in Moldova
  • Prohibit especially by legal means or social pressure; "Smoking is banned in this building"
  • 100 bani equal 1 leu in Romania
  • Expel from a community or group


We found 1 anagrams for the word 'Ban'.

  • nab Take into custody; "the police nabbed the suspected criminals"

Crossword Answers

3 Letters

The act of preventing; "there was no bar against leaving"; "money was allocated to study the cause and prevention of influenza"

4 Letters

The property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical; "the tower had a pronounced tilt"; "the ship developed a list to starboard"; "he walked with a heavy inclination to the right"

A vote that blocks a decision

5 Letters

Prevent from entering; keep out; "He was barred from membership in the club"

6 Letters

Command against; "I forbid you to call me late at night"; "Mother vetoed the trip to the chocolate store"; "Dad nixed our plans"

Someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime

7 Letters

A government order imposing a trade barrier

8 Letters

Command against; "I forbid you to call me late at night"; "Mother vetoed the trip to the chocolate store"; "Dad nixed our plans"

10 Letters

Make unfit or unsuitable; "Your income disqualifies you"

11 Letters

The action of prohibiting or inhibiting or forbidding (or an instance thereof); "they were restrained by a prohibition in their charter"; "a medical inhibition of alcoholic beverages"; "he ignored his parents' forbiddance"

12 Letters

The act of suspending activity temporarily

Rejection by means of an act of banishing or proscribing someone

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