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At liberty

14 September 2020 The Daily Mail Smallest Hardest

We have 6 answers for the crossword clue At liberty. We last saw the 'At liberty' clue in The Daily Mail Smallest Hardest on Thursday, 17 September 2020.

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Crossword Answers

4 Letters


People who are free; "the home of the free and the brave"


Not in action or at work; "an idle laborer"; "idle drifters"; "the idle rich"; "an idle mind"

5 Letters


Become loose or looser or less tight; "The noose loosened"; "the rope relaxed"

7 Letters


Having escaped, especially from confinement; "a convict still at large"; "searching for two escaped prisoners"; "dogs loose on the streets"; "criminals on the loose in the neighborhood"

9 Letters


13 Letters


Free from constraint; "he was unconstrained by any of the sanctions of polite society"; "the dog was unconstrained"; "idle, unconstrained gossip"

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