Website Updated - What's New?

22 August 2020
We've been developing this new site for what feels like centuries! but we are almost there!

Our new site has been redesigned from the ground up - it's even coded in a new development language which helps us modernise things under the hood and hopefully offer more functionality in the future.

Redesigned clue results

The clue results page has had a complete overhaul with less adverts and new features such as answer definitions.

Registered Members

It's completely free to register and we have a number of new features in development such as a forum and a few surprises!

By using the registration model we can offer more features such as removing or editing of posts etc...

Search improvements

In terms of features, we have improved the search algorithm so it should produce better results - faster.

You may notice that the results look a little different as you type your clue, this is because we now highlight 'hot clues' - these are clues that are either trending or have been recently found in one of our crossword sets.

Help Requests

We've completely redesigned how 'help requests' function and made it easier for community members to respond.


The blog is new and we hope will bring us closer to the community both in terms of us communicating what we are doing and also to hear any ideas you may have for improvements etc..


Registered users can now leave comments on clue and blog pages and chat with other community members.

There is still lots to do and we are rolling out changes over the next few days and weeks ahead.
Send us your thoughts and feedback or comment below.


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