September Update

10 September 2020

Oh yes... the kids are back at school - although I do really miss them being around, I hope this is the start of life returning to some kind of normality

The new site has been live for a couple of weeks now and we''ve had some great feedback - both positive and negative (sadly)

Our previous members are adjusting to the new design and giving some great feedback on further improvements they would like to see, and we have seen a growing number of new members which is great for everyone!

Clearly we are disappointed when we receive negative feedback, but thankfully most of those posts have opened up a discussion on further improvements so we are trying to turn the negatives into positives.

Recent Updates

The leaderboards are now live again - still got some tweaks to do to these (coming soon)

Profile pictures can now be changed by viewing your profile and 'Editing Profile', thanks to those that have uploaded it''s great to put a face to the name, however if you prefer you can just upload your favourite photo etc... doesn''t have to be personal.

Work in progress...

We''re looking to expand our crossword solutions to include more newspaper publications from around the world, this is our priority for the next few weeks, so if you do a crossword that we don''t have solutions for please let us know the publication and we''ll see what we can do to include it.

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