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May 2021 Update

06 May 2021

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well through these difficult times, I just thought I'd update you on a few things.

Firstly, we have had an increasing number of feedback posts regarding missing crossword solutions, usually I would respond to each of these via email but to be honest I''m really tired of the aggressive attitudes that some spout when they can't find an answer.

So there are many reasons for crossword solutions being missed, most importantly our solutions are provided via different sources with many contributed manually by someone that has given up their time and supplied us with the solutions.

These people are not paid, they are volunteers and 95% of the time they send me solutions faster than I can publish them. If they miss a publication then so be it, we are in the middle of a pandemic, they may have lost their loved ones, their jobs etc... I'm not going to hound anyone that is contributing to our site.

Another reason for missing solutions is that many of those that contribute the solutions use the newpapers website rather than the newspaper itself and sometimes the websites are not updated or have issues.

I myself have a full-time job and family and whilst I have put my heart and soul into this website it is not and never has been a revenue generator, it's a hobby and with the ads it pays for itself in terms of hosting etc.

We help over a million people a year with their crosswords and have built up our own community which is something I love and enjoy - and hope you do too.

If you find a solution is missing, for sure you can contact us via the feedback button, we encourage that, sometimes we have missed something and by someone posting feedback it keeps us on our toes, but if you are intent on sending abusive messages don't waste your time they will be binned.

Thank you for your time and for using

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