Leaderboard Changes Explained

04 August 2020

As you may have notice, we have updated the website... it's been a long time coming!

When I originally built the site web visitor number were quite low, I wanted to build a site that could be used by the huge crossword community out there and that allowed them to contribute.

I didn't want anyone to feel put off by having to fill out long forms and register etc... so I purposely left out that functionality.

Since then I have been receiving emails almost daily about improvements people want included on the site - and one was being able to build your own profile.

Unfortunately since we have no unique data to identify contributors - just name and country, we are unable to carry the scores forwards as contributors will need to register which starts them at zero.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has contributed to where the website is today... your contributions have amazed us.

Below (or right - depending on your device) you can see a list of our top contributors - their contributions are still listed in the new website and will continue to help thousands of other crossword enthusiasts... There are also some 14,000 or more anonymous contributions so thank you to all of those.

Surinder SobtiIndia88123
Mike SmallmanUnited Kingdom16930
Chris RobersonUnited Kingdom6123
Michael MinaUnited Kingdom3873
HowardUnited Kingdom3345
Anita DoranIreland703
Susan United States630
MRunnelsUnited States147
SteveUnited Kingdom121
Dylan MoranIreland115
chrisUnited Kingdom109
JayUnited Kingdom106
LesUnited States101
frankieUnited Kingdom81
BlakeSouth Africa55
patUnited Kingdom52
Paul DaviesUnited Kingdom51
H KCanada42
ddstylesUnited Kingdom40
Jason SmithUnited Kingdom35
Flip BibiUnited States33
CathyUnited Kingdom27
anneUnited Kingdom27
4509 PhilUnited Kingdom27
MiseUnited Kingdom26
Susan RogersUnited States24
PaulUnited Kingdom24
KieranUnited Kingdom20
DavidUnited Kingdom20
Jackie OAustralia19
Daith O'Currin Australia19
RevGreenUnited Kingdom18
Ha Ha Ha Yellow guyUnited Kingdom17
Chris McLoughlin Ireland17
Stevie GUnited States16
KemmouyUnited States16
JudyUnited Kingdom15
SteveUnited States14
RJBUnited Kingdom14
Uma Nagarajan India13
therese enlanderUnited Kingdom13
Mchael MinaUnited Kingdom13
David SaundersNew Zealand13


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Anita Doran
26 August 2020
This is so new, I am slowly finding my way around but i am delighted with the profile - well done
Steve Smith
Thank you Anita, We've got more exciting updates to come.
Surinder Sobti
28 September 2020
Steve, there is no reply to the feedback. I have observed two flaws in your site, which needs to be rectify. They have been sent to you through feedback channel...twice...Surinder
Steve Smith
Thanks Surinder, I have sent you an email update... i'm working on them.