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This is the area where I provide a little feedback on whats happening on the site or anything I find interesting relating to the crossword scene.

If you want to leave feedback or ask questions you can do so in the feedback section at the bottom of the page, or alternatively via my twitter page @crosswordtips.

16th February 2017 - Tweaks, Tweaks and more Tweaks

As our regular users would have noticed, our website has been revamped over the past few days - we had so many changes in the pipeline and started getting a bit of negative feedback on the old design that we had to go live a little prematurely.

There are still some further tweaks to do and these should be uploaded to the site in the coming days, in the meantime we'd be grateful for your feedback and ideas for improvement.

29th July 2016 - A clue a day

So I was browsing on twitter to see if I could help anyone that was stuck on a crossword puzzle.

I found a couple of posts that I contributed to but them came across a great twitter page which offers 'a clue a day'.

I thought the guy deserved a little recognition for his creativity, so if you are stuck on a train or on a coffee break, take a look. @aclueaday

28th July 2016 - Website Feedback

I'm really grateful for all the feedback I have been getting on the site, as most of you will already developing the site is simply a hobby of mine, so I appreciate some things need tweaking and improving - your feedback really motivates me on this.

So i'm going to share some of the positive feedback first...

28th July 2016 - Getting better every minute.
26th July 2016 - Delighted with perfect answer.
26th July 2016 - First class.
25th July 2016 - You have been a great help.
21st July 2016 - Right on target.
21st July 2016 - Well done.
16th July 2016 - Excellent.
13th July 2016 - That was it thank you

Also many other posts such as 'fabulous', 'great', 'thank you' etc... I'm glad the site has been useful and love reading your feedback ;o)

Now on to the less satisfied feedback... it's just as important to me.

Launch the community solver doesn't do anything, what is the community solver?
Ahhh... The community solver was an idea that has not quite reached fruition, I should remove the link but by leaving it on there it motivates me to crack on with it. Sorry guys and gals, this is my next mini project.

Hi, I find since you changed your site it's at least 50% less efficient.
Ouch... that's not good, but since the database is exactly the same as the old site I think you must be referring to the lack of the 'similar answers' section... Well I can happily announce that section has now been applied to the new design.

If a clue and answer does not exist in your database I would like to have the ability to add it so as to assist other Crosswordians.
This is already possible, click the 'I need help' button on the search results page and post the clue on there, you can then refresh the page and submit answers for that clue - a little clunky I know but improvements are on the way.

Please add South Africa or Africa to your list on contributors.
I've extended the list of countries available - thanks for the feedback.

Please continue with your feedback, good or bad... don't forget to leave your name and email if you would like me to reply!

14th July 2016 - We don't have a crossword app...

A couple of people have contacted me regarding problems they are having with an App with the same name as our site. The app in question has nothing to do with our site, I would recommend contacting the developer using the details in the app store.

Send us your comments and feedback - We enjoy hearing from you.